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Bernina Small Clamp Square Hoop

The BERNINA Small Clamp Hoop is the ideal embroidery hoop for quilters. The square shape perfectly accommodates square designs common for quilting. This saves both embroidery stabilizer and fabric compared to oval hoops.

Easily position and clamp quilt projects in the hoop by attaching repositionable clamps. The thick acrylic template enables you to visualize accurate placement while providing proper tension during hooping.
Embroidery area

BERNINA 8 and 7 Series

The embroidery area for BERNINA 8 and 7 series embroidery machines is 165 x 165 mm (6.5 x 6.5 inch).

BERNINA 5 Series

The embroidery area for embroidery machines of the new BERNINA 5 series is 158 x 165 mm (6.25 x 6.5 inch).

When embroidering with the Free-Motion Couching Foot #43 or Echo Quilting and CutWork Foot #44C,
the embroidery area for all embroidery machines is 150 x 150 mm (6 x 6 inch).

 Small Clamp Hoop   B880 Plus (including Crystal Edition, Anniversary Edition, Sterling Edition, B880, B830, B790 Pro, B790 Plus (Including Crystal Edition, Special Edition, Anniversary Edition) B790, B780, B770QE Plus (Including Kaffe Edition, Tula Edition, Anniversary Edition), B770QE, B750QE, B735, B720, B700, B590 (Including Crystal Edition), B570 (Including Kaffe Edition and Tula Edition), B540, B535, B500
These machines will be compatible later


The firmware of the machines currently does not support this hoop but is being worked on.
The latest firmware version will be published in the support section in early Q4 2023 approximately.