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Helpful Hints

We would like to provide our customers with a few tips to help further their sewing and quilting experiences.

Please read the information below to help both of our jobs!


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Hook Maintenance and Oiling

Hook Oiling



Thread quality is very important.  Thread finish changes the degree of tension; weak or strong.  Better quality thread is more consistent.  We highly recommend you find a good thread that you like, and stay with that brand.

We carry 6000-yard cones of thread in the basic colors.  This is ideal for those who sew with same color thread in large quantities, like quilters.



When sewing at high speed, your needle hits the fabric between 850 and 1050 times, every minute.  It is important to change your needle often and to use the correct needle point and size for the type and weight of the fabric.  For example:

                    Denim-- needle size 100, point type sharp

                    Light weight knits-- needle size 75, ball point



(For all Bernina electronic machines)

When you step on speed control, and needle does not move,

but you hear a whirring or motor noise, check bobbin winder switch--it may be engaged.


(For older Bernina electronic machines)
If both light bulbs are out when machine is turned on, before replacing the bulb,
try pushing the square button on back, needle side of machine.