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Roll-on In To 2020 With Essential Oils DIY - Gloversville

Roll-on essential oil blends are simple to make, easy to apply, and inexpensive to use. In this fun, interactive, and informative workshop you will learn how to make roll-on blends to uplift your mood to a positive emotional state, boost your immune system, promote clearer breathing, increase energy, sharpen mental clarity, ease physical discomforts, promote restful sleep, and much more all through the natural, safe and effective use of mankind's first medicine - essential oils.


Come on in and settle down for a day of uninterrupted sewing. We are here to help if you need it.

Open Sewing - SARATOGA

Come on in and spread out and work on anything you need to work on.

Jan 25
Roll-on In To 2020 With Essential Oils DIY - SARATOGA
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Open Sewing - SARATOGA